Who Has the Biggest Contract in Sports History

Who Has the Biggest Contract in Sports History

The best professional athletes have some of the highest salaries in the world. With each passing year, it seems that a new high-dollar contract has pushed another out of first place. In fact, athletes` contracts alone earn them millions. When endorsements are thrown into the mix, it`s easy to see why professional athletes live so big. By looking at the biggest contrasts in the history of sports, you can more easily see how much these professionals earn. Entries in this list also require an individual mention of the contract, so a number of top-paid athletes (according to Forbes) are not included, as their contract details have not been officially confirmed, including Cristiano Ronaldo, Roger Federer, Lionel Messi and Lewis Hamilton. This also distorts the list in the sense of sports with salary ceilings, where salaries are therefore known to the public and easy to cite. Today`s best players don`t have to worry about having a part-time job during the offseason. Once-unknown nine-figure contracts are now the norm for the biggest stars in the sport. Some of the largest contracts span a dozen years or more.

Other athletes collect much faster and collect immeasurable wealth in just over two years. Read on to find out which players have signed the contracts that have made them the highest-paid athletes in history. Here we offer an overview of the 10 biggest contracts in all sports after Mahomes was paid (with a capital «P»): A-Rod decided not to close his existing contract in 2007 to sign a 10-year, $275 million extension with the New York Yankees. The end of Rodriguez`s career was overshadowed by injuries and scandals. And throughout his time, he has been a polarizing figure in New York, especially alongside his hometown hero, Derek Jeter. But Rodriguez picked up his only World Series ring during that contract and helped the Yankees beat the Phillies in 2009. It was the franchise`s last World Series victory. Here are the ten biggest sports contracts of all time: Now, it`s important to remember that Trout`s contract is fully guaranteed. Mahomes is not.

If the trout never walks on the diamond again, he receives all the money. Mahomes has a $140 million injury guarantee. Fun fact: Alex Rodriguez has TWO record contracts on the list below. The first record-breaking contract A-Rod signed in 2000 when he signed a 10-year, $252 million contract with the Texas Rangers. One of Alex`s Rangers teammates at the time was Patrick Mahomes Sr., a pitcher. Patrick Jr. would have been about six years old at the time. Imagine telling that six-year-old (and his father) that in almost exactly 20 years, you`ll be signing a contract twice as valuable as A-Rod`s. Alex Rodriguez has the distinction of keeping two places in this list. Before he was ousted by Stanton, he had the highest-paid contract in major league sports history. In 2008, he signed a 10-year contract with the Yankees, worth a total of $275 million.

Meanwhile, the famous third baseman, shortstop and designated hitter will earn about $27.5 million a year, which equates to about $169,000 per game. At 40, A-Rod, as he is affectionately known, is probably nearing the end of his career. If you had to break it down specifically by the average amount of money per year, there would be more basketball contracts — like James Harden`s $228 million pact. For example, Stephen Curry`s $201 million contract wouldn`t qualify for this list because it costs $47 million less than Miguel Cabrera`s contract in terms of total value, but when you look at how much Curry earns per season compared to Cabrera, the Golden State Warriors star has an obvious advantage with an annual average of about $9 million more. This is a list of the biggest sports contracts. These figures include signing bonuses, but exclude options, redemptions and endorsement agreements. This list does not reflect the highest annual salaries or career earnings, but only the 100 largest contracts and is therefore largely limited to team sports and motor racing athletes. Athletes in individual sports such as golf, tennis, boxing, kickboxing and MMA are not employed by a team and usually earn money mainly through event winnings. This list also doesn`t necessarily reflect the real money raised by athletes, as some contracts are ultimately terminated (usually because an athlete retires or invokes their opt-out clause). The contract also provides for a $140 million breach guarantee.

So if he had an injury on the first day of his first season that ended his career, he would still earn $140 million. It clearly pays to be one of the best athletes on the planet, as evidenced by the incredibly important contracts highlighted above. If you want to succeed in professional sports one day, you should take inspiration from these players. .